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We are looking for experienced and motivated pipefitters, welders, and metalworkers to join our team. As a leading company in the metalworking industry, we are seeking candidates who are eager to apply their skills in challenging and varied projects.

The workplace

We are looking for pipefitters for several clients around the country.

The offer

We offer excellent employment conditions, including competitive salaries, good secondary employment conditions, and ample opportunities for personal development and growth. We also provide a safe working environment and the necessary tools and materials to perform your duties effectively.

What we expect from you

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in pipefitting are required. This includes the ability to read and interpret technical drawings, determine the appropriate materials and tools, cut and weld pipes, install piping systems, and perform repairs and maintenance.
  • A good understanding of different types of pipe materials, such as steel, copper, PVC, and plastic, is necessary. The Pipefitter should know which materials are most suitable for specific applications and conditions.
  • A Pipefitter must follow strict safety procedures to prevent injuries and accidents. Knowledge of safety regulations and the ability to apply safety measures, such as wearing personal protective equipment, is essential.
  • A Pipefitter should be able to identify and resolve issues and malfunctions in piping systems. This requires analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to implement effective solutions.
  • Pipefitters often work collaboratively with other tradespeople, such as welders, plumbers, and engineers. Good communication skills and the ability to work effectively in a team are therefore important.
  • The work of a Pipefitter can be physically demanding, involving prolonged standing, bending, lifting, and working at heights. Therefore, good physical fitness and the ability to perform heavy work are important.
  • Pipefitters often work at different locations and may encounter various projects and challenges. The ability to adapt to changing circumstances and be flexible in the work is essential.

About the job function

As a pipefitter, you will be responsible for installing and maintaining piping systems for the transportation of fluids, gases, and other materials. As a welder, you will be responsible for welding various metal parts and structures, while as a metalworker, you will be responsible for shaping and sizing metal parts and structures to the desired form.

Soliciteer direct

Door middel van het drukken op de knop 'solliciteren' geef ik toestemming aan Daxxa Personeelsdiensten voor de verwerking van mijn persoonsgegevens ten behoeve van het recruit- en sollicitatieproces van Daxxa Personeelsdiensten. Ik ben op de hoogte dat mijn gegevens maximaal 2 jaar worden gebruikt. Mocht ik hiertegen een bezwaar hebben staat het mij altijd vrij om contact op te nemen en te vragen mijn gegevens te verwijderen.

Daxxa zal tegen het einde van de 2-jarige termijn opnieuw om toestemming vragen voor het gebruik van persoonsgegevens. Hoe Daxxa omgaat met persoonsgegevens valt te lezen in het privacy statement.

  • Rotterdam
  • 40 uur
  • 3-5 jaar
  • Industrie 
  • Industrie 
  • In overleg


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